Tuesday, January 28, 2014

February 2014
Since 1998

Let me start by saying how grateful I am!

The Beverly Hills Outlook magazine granted me the title
"World Music Artist of 2013"

I’m pregnant with a new show! 

I had the opportunity to express my love in words and actions to my friend and great musician Antonio de Sant'Anna before he passed unexpectedly in 2013!

The Brazilian Celebration 3 show 
produced annually by Marcia Argolo and I is set for April 2014! 

I’m teaching art to middle school kids and learning tons about Life! 
Thank you, Nan Young/Art Trek.


Singing with Viver Brasil Dance Company 
Saturday, February 7 at 8pm @ Nate Holden Performing Arts Center
Use code VB to receive a 20% discount ($25 tickets only)
The VIP $75 package ticket includes tickets to the show, cocktails, delicious hors d'oueuvres, live music by Samba Society, and DJ sets by Reyes. Proceeds from the VIP reception will benefit Viver Brasil programming. 
Honorees of the night: Brazilian musician Paulinho da Costa and choreographer Kenny Long

Tuesday, February 18 at 8:30pm @ Jazz at the CAP (New Spot!)
Kátia Moraes and Brazilian Hearts
Featuring 2014 Grammy winner Hussain Jiffry on bass, Mitchell Long on guitar, and Walter Rodriguez on drums/percussion
13752 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
(818) 990-2001

Sunday, February 16 at 1pm @ MOLAA
Singing with Samba Society - Free
628 Alamitos Ave., Long Beach, CA 90802

Friday, February 28 at 8pm @ Vitello’s
Kátia Moraes and Pure Samba (Carnaval)
4349 Tujunga Ave, Studio City, CA 91604

I got that coughing flu that is going around here in California. I wish my mom was still alive to apply Vick Vaporub on my chest and back. She would do that in a very slow pace and in a circular motion...just like a slow tune... This reminds me that she taught me this song while walking with me on a sandy beach! Ah, good memories!

Paquito de Rivera with Trio Corrente won Best Latin Jazz Album

RARE BRAZILIAN MOVIE: "Quando o Carnaval Chegar" written and directed by Cacá Diegues in 1972. Featuring Nara Leão, Maria Bethânia , Hugo Carvana, and Chico Buarque.

Had the honor to perform with Sambaguru band @ The Playboy Jazz Festival at the Hollywood Bowl years ago. Here's a pic of the Press Party at the Playboy Mansion that singer Cathy Segal-Garcia posted on Facebook.

This docudrama was first inspired to tell the story of the 1962 murder of a peasant revolutionary. Before Eduardo could finish his project, the 1964 military coup stopped it. In 1981 he got the original scenes back and filmed the reactions of the peasants.

Peace and Joy!
Kátia : )

P.S.: I'm a work in progress!
"Progress lies not in enhancing what is, but in advancing toward what will be."
- Khalil Gibran

Saturday, November 16, 2013

November + December 2013
Since 1998

My Brazilian Heart Greeting Cards are back!
I admit! My colorful painting is sprounting faster than my musical projects, but at the same time I created a new path: Music + Art (show info below.)
Last year I opened a page at ESTY and successfully launched the Brazilian Heart Greeting Cards Series. I'd love to invite you to visit it and give me your support.

Sunday, November 24 at 4pm @ Açaí Ubatuba (Tarzana, CA)
MUSIC + ART - Kátia Moraes + guitarist Mitchell Long
Taste Açaí + Brazilian music + Mini Art Exhibition!
FREE  (818) 708-7078

Coming Up: New Year's Eve Brazilian Style
@ Gaucho's Village (Glendale, CA)
Reservations: (818) 550-1430

Poet, essayist, playwright, lyricist. One of the great pearls of Brazilian music/literature! Here's Vinícius with Toquinho singing "Tarde em Itapoã"

Went to see some incredible young Brazilian musicians that recently visited Los Angeles. Here's singer Tatiana Parra who finished recording a project with Armenian pianist Vardan Ovsepian.

And here's guitarist/composer/ arranger Conrado Goys. By the way, his arrangement of Burt Bacharah's "Close to You" is amazing. But, let me share another piece of his music with you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBcsmecbvm8 

MOVIE (Watch for Free)
"The Point" by Harry Nilsson (Animation, 1971) Inspiring!
"Vegucated" by Marisa Miller Wolson (Documentary, 2011)

BALANCE… Try at home! Amazing!

NEW BRAZILIAN TALENT - Léo Versolato (Kuarup, 2013)

Viver Brasil Dance Company

"A gente não faz amigos, reconhece-os." Vinícius de Moraes
(We don't make friends, we recognize them.)

Happy Holidays! Boas Festas!
Peace + Joy + Harmony,
Kátia : )


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Viva Oscar Castro-Neves!

Oscar was a friend, father and teacher to me; a human being I could share my doubts, fears and joys. He always reminded me how powerful and loving I am. I’m a better human being because I had the opportunity to experience his Light.

I met him at Le Café, a jazz spot in Studio City where I used to play during the 1990’s with The Rio Thing, a band that Mario Costa and I created when we arrive from Rio de Janeiro.  The first time I consciously remember Oscar’s name was in 1979 when a friend gave me Fatima Guedes’ first LP (1979.) I love that album! At that time, I was writing poetry and feeding my dreams of being a singer. Here’s one song of Fatima’s album: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66b_X3t_dMw

When I was recording at Polygram with O Espírito da Coisa,” I met the artistic director of the label, Menescal, Oscar’s long time friend from the Bossa Nova movement.
Eventually, I met Fátima through her childhood friend and got to see one of her first shows at Teatro Ipanema. That night, singer Nana Caymmi was in the audience (among other greatest singers.) Nana’s first album (1963) was also produced by Oscar Castro-Neves. Here’s a sample of that album: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XqnvlWa_QE

More music by Oscar:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8g3-7M51Tns (@ Ramsey Lewis on PBS)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUE9GaBgiBQ  (@ Sydney Festival, Australia)

Saturday, October 19 at 7pm @ Casa Arjona (Long Beach)
Featuring guitarist Mitchell Long and percussionist Gibi
4515 E. Harvey Way, Long Beach, CA 90808
Info: (562) 805-7770

Photo by Erin Dorothy

Friday, October 18 and 25 @Mgrill (Los Angeles)
(213) 389-2770

Friends celebrating Oscar Castro-Neves Life @ Yutaka's home in Los Angeles:
From left: Dori and Helena Caymmi, yours truly, Regina and Zelão Marino, Carol Welsman, Yutaka, Abraham Laboriel, Rique Pantoja, Geoff Gilette, Warren and Kim Giancaterino, Kate Markowitz, Dave Grusin and Charlie Bisharat.

Introducing Brazilian Culture to Burbank High School with Viver Brasil Dance Company:

Part of the band the backs Viver Brasil Dance Company: Simon Carroll, Fabio Santanna and Bobby Easton. Missing Khalil and Badaró.


Malala by Veronique De Viguerie.
The youngest person to be nominated to a Nobel Peace Prize.
Here's Malala with Jon Stewart: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f506lCk6Tos

Photo by Erin Dorothy for her project documenting world musicians.
Peace and Joy,
Kátia : )

Thursday, August 1, 2013

August 2013 - Since 1998

I was very happy when Linda Yudin and Amy Fox Campion invited me to be in the new Capoeira piece. The theatrical potential of Viver Brasil Dance Company's performance always attracted me, and this time Amy had brought a "psychological/mythical" way of telling  a story about the patrons of Capoeira: Ogum and Oxossi (Afro Brazilian deities). I see Candomble (Afro Brazilian religion) as Greek Mythology, and to play the part of a human being who recognizes Ogum (warrior/war) and Oxossi (hunter/diplomacy) inner characteristics, gave me an opportunity to deal with those forces that I  face daily.

Photo by Erin Dorothy

Amy wanted me to use sounds to portray them: Ogum (grunts) and Oxossi (bird chirping), and to communicate the agony of confusion, doubt, fight between them, and balance/resolution. I didn't think too much before creating it, just went with my gut. The screams of the beginning were my moments of frustration when I watch the news and can't bear to witness men still making war. Ogum's grunts are the primal fear of men (first chakra) which makes him cut and destroy what's around and to open paths no matter the consequences. I have to admit that I feel connected with Oxossi, and I believe it's because of my Indian ancestry. Hunters have to observe before attacking, and in the act of observing they have the opportunity to get a deeper understanding of Life. 
Ah, the Power of Art!

SHOWS (more at www.katiamoraes.com

First of all, I'd like to invite you to my "one day" art exhibition 
September 2, 2013 @ Tropico de Nopal  
Info: (213) 481-8112   (Thank you, Reyes!)
Samba Society will be playing as well. 
Join us and get inspired! 

Friday, August 2 at 7pm @ MGrill (Los Angeles) 
Duet with guitarist João Pedro Mourão
Tasty Brazilian food : ) (213) 389-2770

Sunday, August 4 at 5pm @ Gardens of the World (Thousand Oaks)
Kátia Moraes & Samba Society

Sunday, August 11 at 7:30pm @ Vibrato (Bel Air)
Kátia Moraes & Brazilian Hearts - Night of Bossa Nova Classics
Featuring Hussain Jiffry on bass, Stephan Oberhoff on piano, and Walter Rodriguez on drums

Thursday, August 15 at 10pm @ Zanzibar (Santa Monica)
Singing with Bloco Nove 

Sunday, August 18 @ Levitt Pavilion (Pasadena)
Singing with Samba Society

Sunday, August 25 at 5pm @ Fiesta Ballona (Culver City)
Kátia Moraes & Pure Samba 
Featuring Leo Costa on drums, Antonio Santanna on bass, Bill Brendle on keys, and João Pedro Mourão on guitar

DOCUMENTARY (I loved it)
“I AM” by Tom Shadyak

“Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person.”
Mother Teresa

Peace, Joy and Harmony!
P.S.: We are stardust, my friend!
With Kana Shimanuki @ Ford Amphitheater/ Photo by Docta Sez

Introducing Brazilian Culture Through Movement to Mei Ling Percussion School from Taiwan @ Remo

Introducing Brazilian Culture to foster kids @ Art Trek in Thousand Oaks, CA

Thursday, June 27, 2013

B r a z i l i a n   H e a r t
June & July 2013
Since 1998
Brazilian Heart
June/July 2013
Since 1998

Yes, I’m back to say I’m in the middle of a transformation. I do not know exactly how to explain, I just have this jittery feeling that makes me uncomfortable and excited about what’s coming next. In and out.  I have an orange cotton scarf on my shoulders as I type these words that makes me think about the red swimming suit I used to wear when I was a child. Red was “my” color, my identity. The first sweat shirt I bought with my own money selling books from door to door for “Círculo do LIvro” was red. The first pair of shoes and the first bag I bought with the salary of my first job in downtown Rio were red. My first chakra (the root) was definitely active and running.

It took me a long time to accept, but now I can say that Sambaguru band is over. My old time friends and musicians all took different paths and went on with their personal and musical life. Before the slowly “departing” process became a steady reality, I started a project with engineer/composer Lynne Earls that became an EP (short CD) released in January of this year. I love the songs my Irish friend and I did together, and they are definitely part of my artistic multi-facet-persona picturing a special time in my life. Then, out of nowhere, (or fruit of my kundalini practice) Painting showed up. There I was, intrigued again by the beauty of what was coming out of me.  The colors, movement and symbols keep facing me straight in the eye. “Look and See Me,” they say. This coming August will be a year since this phenomenon started, and I want to show you what has been pouring into my new life.  In the middle of June I sat on the floor of my backyard and threw emotions on a 44X56 inches piece of paper. Oh my Gosh! What’s going on with me? I feel like Music is standing still, chanting crossed legged on the mat waiting for my body to dialogue and reverberate on the old way. I say: “My dear friend, can we talk about a different subject and hike for a while during sunrise?” I know, it sounds poetic, right? What about real life? The bread to pay the bills, the protests in Brasil, the privacy matters of the American people, the Syrian rebels, Nelson Mandela’s incredible life, Occupy Gezi in Istambul, and my desire to speak French one day? I smile after some mental agitation and say: “It will come to you, accept your moment, be grateful, be giving, be joyful.”

P.S.: A handful of beautiful songs composed with Jack Majdecki, and in collaboration with Sanjay Divecha and Jovino Santos Neto) are surrounding me with their warm embrace waiting to be fully expressed on a next CD! 
Bring it in, Universe!


Friday, June 28 at 7pm
@ MGrill (Great Brazilian food!)
Duet with guitarist João Pedro Mourão
(213) 398-2770   www.m-grill.com
I’ll be celebrating the lives of peaceful Brazilian souls that are exercising their democratic rights lately, and my birthday month!

Friday, July 12 from 7pm to 9pm 
with Samba Society 
@ The Original Farmers Market of Hollywood
Free   6333 W. Third St., Los Angeles 

Saturday, July 27 @ Ford Theater
Celebrating Viver Brasil Dance Company’s 15th Anniversary!


Nelson Mandela! Great piece of history about him:
Fun Annimation: 2 octopus in Greece!
Wonderful moving sculpture (It looks like my pumping heart!)
Babulina's Trip by Brazilian band Graveola (thank you, Betto Arcos)


Show by Brazilian singer/composer Ana Carolina (Marcos Ariel opening)
June 30 @ Montalban Theatre
Show by Brazilian singer/composer Maria Gadú
July  @ Montalban Theatre
Show by Brazilian singer/composer Jorge Aragão (Love him!)
September 1st 

Conversations about music @ Brazilian Consulate 
Organized by Sergio Mielniczenko from Brazilian Hour/Global Village-KPFK
Wednesdays in July 
For invitation email contact@brazilianhour.org

Support the Arts! Bring me Home!

Peace and Joy!
Kátia : )

         b r a z i l i a n         h e a r t 

Monday, April 8, 2013


I’m exhausted and happy. Just took a warm shower and heard my body whisper “thank you.” I cleaned my feet from the dust and dirt of the cement floor where I sang and danced tonight, while feeling the warmth of gratefulness in my heart. We did a great job. We worked like dogs to put this event together, but there is a smile on our faces now.

When I decided to celebrate samba singer Clara Nunes in the middle of 2012, Marcia Argolo and I set the date of April 6, 2013 with Nayla and Amen Santo from Brasil Brasil Cultural Center, and I waited for the idea to sink in. I didn’t know which band would be suitable for the project, but mentioned it to Beto Gonzalez who leads a very cool ensemble called Samba Society here in Los Angeles. I really admire Beto for his knowledge of Brazilian music, especially the 1970’s samba. He’s a humble and passionate musicologist who educates whoever has an ear, and desires to expand their vision of Brazilian culture.  We spoke a few times about Clara and her music, and finally one day, it dawned on me what was so ridiculously obvious since the beginning. Samba Society was the perfect ensemble because it resembles the kind of group that used to back Clara. Acoustic guitar, cavaquinho, and percussionists singing background vocals. I called Beto and he said: 
“What took you so long, Katia ?"

It was easy to choose the songs for the show.  Beto picked 20 pearls of her repertoire that I heard during my teen years. Every song was a hit. We knew Brazilians would sing every one of them, and Americans who are into Brazilian music would recognize at least “Ijexá”  from David Byrne’s compilation “Samba” that came out in the 1990’s.

I think one of my favorite parts of the process of putting together a Celebration show, is researching. Watching videos, listening to recordings, reading interviews and going deeper into Clara’s story, moved me immensely.  The human being behind the stage persona is what I want to touch. She grew up in a small town, was orphaned early, but kept following her dreams. She had three natural abortions, and some people believe she probably focused harder on her career because of that. She recorded 16 LPs from 1966 to 1982.  She passed away before completing 40 years old.  So young… How? She felt self conscious about some varicose veins on her legs and decided to go for surgery. Her body had a reaction to the anesthetic and for 28 days Brasil prayed for her.  In vain…
I grew up in a Catholic family and Clara opened my curiosity about Afro Brazilian religion with her songs. I used to fear any religious manifestation that included spirits taking over people’s body. I remember going to a Macumba ‘s terreiro (a place where they practice their rituals) in Rio de Janeiro when I was 15 years old. That experience scared the “s” out of me. It was the first and the only time I saw a “pomba gira,” that is the classification of an entity that personifies female beauty, sexuality and desire. As a naïve catholic girl, that encounter made me aware that there was a world out there  (and in me) that I did not know existed.

Clara Nunes’ beauty and charismatic presence swiftly brought the magical world of Afro Brazilian religion to Brazilian homes, creating a desire to understand where before there was only prejudice.

In the middle of the show on April 6 I said to the audience:
“Can you feel the joy in your heart? So, let’s do something together. Please, turn around and look at Clara’s poster on the wall.  Now, close your eyes and think that all the joy you have in your heart right now, came from the music that this woman expressed and that inspired me, and my friends here on stage.  Through us you’re experiencing her passion and love, and that’s how we go in life. She loves, we love and we pass this love on to you."

Photo by Joe Perez

Stay Tuned for the next 
Brazilian Heart Music Celebration Series in 2014!
Peace and Joy,
Katia Moraes : )

Monday, February 25, 2013

February + March 2013
Since 1998

Do you know why your parents chose your name?

I knew my mom had named me Katia because she liked Russian writer Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910), but just recently I found out he wrote a story entitled Katia in 1859 (also translated in the US as "My Husband and I")
 There's a line that stuck with me where Tolstoy quoted one of his favorite writers, Lermontoff:
"And he, the madman, invoked the tempest. As if, in the tempest, peace might reign!"
So, I asked myself: "how many times have I hid from an 'inner tempest' instead of facing it and finding peace?" "Many," I answered.
Meditating on this, I stumbled on another quote:
"When you don't go within, you go without." (Yogi Bhajan)


Continuing my search, I came across a very interesting book: “Tolstoy and Gandhi, Men of Peace.” Gandhi was my inspiration when I wrote the lyrics for Sambaguru’s  “Tribo Gandhista” (link to watch the video below). I had no idea they had written letters to each other, and I wonder if my mom knew that... I wonder if she knew Tolstoy was known as a " Christian anarchist and anarcho-pacifist." So interesting! I guess I discovered another piece of my ancestral puzzle!

Sunday, March 3rd at 8pm @ Vitello's Jazz Upstairs (EP Release !)
4349 Tujunga Ave., Studio City, CA 91604
Reservations: (818) 769-0905
Featuring Leo Costa on drums, Bill Brendle on piano and accordion, Andre de Santanna on bass and João Pedro Mourão on guitar

New Music available at CDBaby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/katiamoraes2

Saturday, March 2 at 8pm at Brazilian Carnaval @ Nokia
(I'll be singing few songs with Bobby Easton's Bloco Nove). Obrigada for the invite, Bobby.

Sunday, March 17 at 7pm @ The Virgil
Singing with Beto Gonzalez's 10-piece Samba Society!

IAIÁ – Honoring my grandma who passed away this February. She was 100 years old!

Last year I coached Nelly Furtado's recording of Tom Jobim's Corcovado for a 2013 Valentine's CD by Andrea Boccelli produced by David Foster. Here's a  quick interview about his new project and life: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tVKEx0ZvqY

GANDHI (1982)

RUSSIANS IN BRASIL (The Langsdorff Expedition )

TRIBO GANDHISTA (video/Song by Brendle+Moraes performed by Sambaguru)

"Words alone do not do justice to Renaissance woman Katia Moraes."
- Quote by Lucia Leon for The Beverly Hills Outlook
February 2013 http://www.bhoutlook.us/http://www.bhoutlook.us/

 EP Release Show @ Brasil Brasil Cultural Center / From left: Marcel Camargo, K, Andre de Sant'Anna, Bill Brendle and Leo Costa. 
Photo by Joe Perez.

"An incredibly strong artist...a great vocal instrument, with great intonation, communication and strength. And so totally involved with the music. "
- Quote from L.A. Jazz Scene's Scene Review by Cathy Segal-Garcia / January 2013

"As for the performers, Katia Moraes as Stefanie is simply wonderful."
- Quote from Caroline Waters' musical "Finding Venus' Review by A Jl Lewellyn / February 2013. Here's my talent friend singing with her dad in Norway in 1974. Cute!

Continuing my Brazilian Heart Music Series, this time Marcia Argolo and your truly will be producing "Clara Nunes, a Celebration" @ Brasil Brasil Cultural Center featuring Beto Gonzalez's Samba Society. Stay tuned!

A short movie "The Happy Man" by Matt Morris

Peace and Joy,
Katia : )

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Brazilian Heart / January 2013

January 2013
Since 1998

I used to take a class at a gym in Los Angeles, and the teacher would always ask: "Is there anybody taking the class for the first time?" I always raised my arm. For me, a new year starts every day (actually every second!). It all depends on being conscious of your every step. Easy said than done, I know, and that's why I make an effort to be in the moment. Gandhi said: "There is more to life than simply increasing its speed." What a challenge to slow down my mind! My song "Cabeça" is all about that. Last year, Lynne Earls sent me an mp3 with Grecco Buratto playing an ukulele. Lynne, Grecco and myself practice meditation, so the theme came out easily when I wrote the lyrics. "Cabeça" became the driving song of my EP that I'll be releasing this January 26 at Brasil Brasil Cultural Center in Los Angeles. Here's the link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=uQWPH_hzVH4 (with translation)
By the way, anybody paying the general ticket to the live show+release+art exhibition event will get a download card (sticker) with all the songs! Join me on this first adventure of 2013! 

Saturday, January 26 at 8pm @ Brasil Brasil Cultural Center (Los Angeles, CA)
11928 Washington Blvd. (Inglewood Blvd/next door to Leaf-Vegan Cafe)

More info: (818) 621-1515 Marcia Argolo
Facebook Invite: https://www.facebook.com/events/538612136166448/

I'm blessed! The first 5-card set I created was shipped to Maryland, Montana, New Mexico, Florida, besides various places in California. To celebrate 2013, I created a new one: Brazilian Heart: Healing Joy! Both 5-card sets are available at this cool website called ESTY. Check it out!

Sunday, January 20 at  @ The Virgil
Singing with Samba Society
(323) 660-4540

Sunday, January 27 at 7pm @ Blue Whale
Singing with Marcel Camargo's project: Brazil as You Never Heard
123 Astronaut E S Onisuka St. Suite 301
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Info: (213) 620-0908
With Leo Costa, Marcel Camargo and Carlitos del Puerto after the Brazilian Style New Year's Eve show at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA. 




"Brazilians have this beautiful word called saudade, which cannot be translated. In fact, according to scholars, it is translated as 'I have saudades of you.' It can be described as a '...vague and constant desire for something that does not and probably cannot exist...a turning towards the past or towards the future.' A stronger form of saudade may be felt towards people and things whose whereabouts are unknown, such as a lost lover, or a family member who has gone missing. It may also be translated as a deep longing or yearning for something that does not exist or is unattainable."  - Manuel Schneider

Peace, Joy & Prosperity
Feliz Ano Novo! Happy New Year!
Kátia : )

Bring a smile to your friend's face with one of my Brazilian Heart cards! ; )

Friday, November 30, 2012

December 2012 / Since 1998


I was writing lyrics for a new song the other day when I got a call from engineer/producer Lynne Earls saying our song CABEÇA (Earls, Buratto, Moraes) is one of the finnalists of the USA Songwriting Contest 2012!
Have you seen Cabeça's video? Check it out. The song is part of my EP produced by Lynne that will be released on January 26, 2013. I'll also be exhibiting my drawings for the first time! YES! SIM! Here we go! One more adventure!

Tuesday, December 4 at 9pm @ Blue Whale
Sambaguru - The Original Quartet
123 Astronaut E S Onisuka St. Suite 301
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Info: (213) 620-0908
Featuring Bill Brendle, Tony Shogren and Hussain Jiffry.
With my friend Tony Shogren many years ago at La Ve Lee - the old music hang in Studio City, CA

@ Queen Mary (Long Beach, CA)
More info: www.brazliannites.com

DAY OF THE SAMBA (December 2)

By Brazilian painter Di Cavalcanti (1897-1976)
In Los Angeles, The Day of the Samba will be celebrated on December 27 @ Zanzibar (Santa Monica) with Samba Society. I'll be there : )

My first bike made by CALOI. Actually it was my sister's bike! In the 1960's Caloi became very popular producing folding bicycles. The company was founded by an Italian immigrant in 1898 in São Paulo.

And here's my mental bike...

"Quando a gente acha que tem todas as respostas, vem a vida e muda todas as perguntas."
(When we think we know all the answers, Life comes and changes all the questions)
By Brazilain writer Luís Fernando Veríssimo

Peace, Joy, Art & Wisdom!
Feliz Natal
Feliz Ano Novo

Kátia : )

By my beautiful cousin...she was a young girl when she painted it. This image always makes me smile : )

So far, I've mailed my cards to Florida, New Mexico, Maryland and many parts of California. Send me a message if you wanna get a set or if you have a sugestion of a place that would love to sell it. Thank you / Obrigada.