Thursday, August 1, 2013

August 2013 - Since 1998

I was very happy when Linda Yudin and Amy Fox Campion invited me to be in the new Capoeira piece. The theatrical potential of Viver Brasil Dance Company's performance always attracted me, and this time Amy had brought a "psychological/mythical" way of telling  a story about the patrons of Capoeira: Ogum and Oxossi (Afro Brazilian deities). I see Candomble (Afro Brazilian religion) as Greek Mythology, and to play the part of a human being who recognizes Ogum (warrior/war) and Oxossi (hunter/diplomacy) inner characteristics, gave me an opportunity to deal with those forces that I  face daily.

Photo by Erin Dorothy

Amy wanted me to use sounds to portray them: Ogum (grunts) and Oxossi (bird chirping), and to communicate the agony of confusion, doubt, fight between them, and balance/resolution. I didn't think too much before creating it, just went with my gut. The screams of the beginning were my moments of frustration when I watch the news and can't bear to witness men still making war. Ogum's grunts are the primal fear of men (first chakra) which makes him cut and destroy what's around and to open paths no matter the consequences. I have to admit that I feel connected with Oxossi, and I believe it's because of my Indian ancestry. Hunters have to observe before attacking, and in the act of observing they have the opportunity to get a deeper understanding of Life. 
Ah, the Power of Art!

SHOWS (more at

First of all, I'd like to invite you to my "one day" art exhibition 
September 2, 2013 @ Tropico de Nopal  
Info: (213) 481-8112   (Thank you, Reyes!)
Samba Society will be playing as well. 
Join us and get inspired! 

Friday, August 2 at 7pm @ MGrill (Los Angeles) 
Duet with guitarist João Pedro Mourão
Tasty Brazilian food : ) (213) 389-2770

Sunday, August 4 at 5pm @ Gardens of the World (Thousand Oaks)
Kátia Moraes & Samba Society

Sunday, August 11 at 7:30pm @ Vibrato (Bel Air)
Kátia Moraes & Brazilian Hearts - Night of Bossa Nova Classics
Featuring Hussain Jiffry on bass, Stephan Oberhoff on piano, and Walter Rodriguez on drums

Thursday, August 15 at 10pm @ Zanzibar (Santa Monica)
Singing with Bloco Nove 

Sunday, August 18 @ Levitt Pavilion (Pasadena)
Singing with Samba Society

Sunday, August 25 at 5pm @ Fiesta Ballona (Culver City)
Kátia Moraes & Pure Samba 
Featuring Leo Costa on drums, Antonio Santanna on bass, Bill Brendle on keys, and João Pedro Mourão on guitar

DOCUMENTARY (I loved it)
“I AM” by Tom Shadyak

“Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person.”
Mother Teresa

Peace, Joy and Harmony!
P.S.: We are stardust, my friend!
With Kana Shimanuki @ Ford Amphitheater/ Photo by Docta Sez

Introducing Brazilian Culture Through Movement to Mei Ling Percussion School from Taiwan @ Remo

Introducing Brazilian Culture to foster kids @ Art Trek in Thousand Oaks, CA

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