Friday, September 30, 2011

Brazilian Heart
October 2012
Since 1998

I used to dream I was a close friend with artists that I love. Sting was one of them. The dream was so vivid I could swear it was true. I think I dreamt with Stevie Wonder once as well. On September 29 he was performing at Rock in Rio and many of my friends were SO happy to be there watching one of their most beloved artists. What a great feeling to watch a show with someone you admire. It makes you cry, smile and pinch yourself asking: “Am I really here or is this just a dream?” I felt that way when I opened for Gilberto Gil at House of Blues years back. I have to admit that yes, it was a dream. Moments like these pass very fast. Everything that’s left is the emotional print in your heart. I’m grateful for those moments and for many to come! 
Stevie in my hometown: 

From Viver Brasil Dance Company latest review:
"Remarkable throughout was the robust singing of Katia Moraes, providing a narrative that rose above even the thundering drums of five tireless drummers. Ms. Moraes is a vocal powerhouse who seems ready to sing at full throttle all night long."

Thursday, October 6th at 8pm
Singing with Samba Society @ Madrid Theatre
Special guest from Brasil: Composer/singer Moacyr Luz
Part of the Festival of World Festival of Sacred Music
Thursday, October 13th at 9pm
Singing with Samba Society @ Zanzibar
With special guest Moacyr Luz
Friday and Saturday, October 21 & 22 at 7:30pm
Katia Moraes & Brazilian Hearts
@ Nakano Theatre (Torrance)
George Nakano Theatre
Torrance Cultural Arts Center 3330 Civic Center Drive
October 28-31 in Alberta, Canada
With Viver Brasil Dance Company
Photo by Jorge Vismara. Performing with Viver Brasil Dance Company at the Ford Theater in 2009.

NEA paid homage to Brazilian instrumentalist Carlinhos Pandeiro de Ouro, an authority in Pandeiro playing. The award celebration took place in Washington D.C. this last September.
I’m very proud of you, Carlinhos : )
(Starts at 50)

Opening: “Honoring the Sea” - over three hundred artists present sacred traditions from seven lineages of world cultures on Santa Monica Beach (at Dorothy Green Park), Saturday, October 1st  at 3:00 pm
Daniela Mercury @ Greek Theatre
October 13
The Brazilian bombshell from Bahia
My Peruvian sister Cecilia Noel & Wild Clams will be @ The Mint
October 15 at 8pm / with Los Pinguos at 11pm.
Cecilia and I performed together when I arrived in Los Angeles many years ago. We had a blast sharing the stage during the Lambada Era. I feel grateful for each moment I experienced with her.   
Fundraising presented by Samba n’Motion: Night in Rio @ Brasil Brasil Cultural Center on October 22 at 7pm
My friend Ana Laidley who is a Samba authority here in LA, will use the money of this event towards a new show telling the origins of samba.

A CAT AND A GIRL (To Melt Your Heart)
Ask yourself whether the dream of heaven and greatness should be waiting for us in our graves – or whether it should be ours here and now and on this earth.” 
Ayn Rand, Russian philosopher (1905-1982)

Any situation in which some men prevent others from engaging in the process of inquiry is one of violence;”
Paulo Freire, Brazilian educator (1921-1997)

Peace and Joy,
Katia : )
After the shooting of my new video @ Caesar Lima's studio in Calabasas on September 29th. Great people, great vibe!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Brazilian Heart 
September 2011
Since 1998

This is what happens when my heart is open and not expecting anything...

Monday, September 5th at 4pm @ Tropico de Nopal
Singing with Samba Society

Saturday, September 10th from 12noon to 6pm @ La Brea Tar Pits
7th Brazilian Day In Los Angeles (Celebrating Brasil’s Independence Day)
Food, crafts, music, carnaval parade, and more.
I’ll be the MC (and will be sitting in for a song with Renni Flores)

Saturday, September 24 at 8pm @ Cerritos Performing Arts Center
Singing with Viver Brasil Dance Company

Brazil's economic boom drawing immigrant workers home

“Brazil” by Django Reinhardt:

Sunday at 3pm in exploring the diverse Afro-Brazilian Dance Diaspora with Rachel Hernandez. Orixas, afro-contemporary, samba reggae and much more. All levels encouraged and welcome. With live musical accompaniment. Drop in $12. Brasil Brasil Cultural Center (11928 Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066) 

CORTINA DE FUMAÇA by Rodrigo Mac Niven opening in Brasl this month “is a bold documentary about a polemic subject that should concern everybody and that needs to be honestly discussed. The drug policy in Brazil and worldwide.” 

I’ve been hearing stories about João de Deus for few years now. Here’s what Oprah presented about him on her show.

Featuring Chaka Kan, Macy Gray, Gilberto Gil, Ana Moura, and many more. 

Não adianta nem me abandonar
Porque mistério sempre há de pintar por aí
Pessoas até muito mais vão lhe amar
Até muito mais difíceis que eu prá você
Que eu, que dois, que dez, que dez milhões, todos iguais
Até que nem tanto esotérico assim
Se eu sou algo incompreensível, meu Deus é mais

It doesn’t matter if you abandon me
Because there will always be mystery in the world.
More people will love you
Way more difficult than I am to you
I, two, ten, ten million, all the same.
I’m not that esoteric
If I am incomprehensible, my God is more

Peace, Love and Joy
Katia : )