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Do you know why your parents chose your name?

I knew my mom had named me Katia because she liked Russian writer Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910), but just recently I found out he wrote a story entitled Katia in 1859 (also translated in the US as "My Husband and I")
 There's a line that stuck with me where Tolstoy quoted one of his favorite writers, Lermontoff:
"And he, the madman, invoked the tempest. As if, in the tempest, peace might reign!"
So, I asked myself: "how many times have I hid from an 'inner tempest' instead of facing it and finding peace?" "Many," I answered.
Meditating on this, I stumbled on another quote:
"When you don't go within, you go without." (Yogi Bhajan)


Continuing my search, I came across a very interesting book: “Tolstoy and Gandhi, Men of Peace.” Gandhi was my inspiration when I wrote the lyrics for Sambaguru’s  “Tribo Gandhista” (link to watch the video below). I had no idea they had written letters to each other, and I wonder if my mom knew that... I wonder if she knew Tolstoy was known as a " Christian anarchist and anarcho-pacifist." So interesting! I guess I discovered another piece of my ancestral puzzle!

Sunday, March 3rd at 8pm @ Vitello's Jazz Upstairs (EP Release !)
4349 Tujunga Ave., Studio City, CA 91604
Reservations: (818) 769-0905
Featuring Leo Costa on drums, Bill Brendle on piano and accordion, Andre de Santanna on bass and João Pedro Mourão on guitar

New Music available at CDBaby:

Saturday, March 2 at 8pm at Brazilian Carnaval @ Nokia
(I'll be singing few songs with Bobby Easton's Bloco Nove). Obrigada for the invite, Bobby.

Sunday, March 17 at 7pm @ The Virgil
Singing with Beto Gonzalez's 10-piece Samba Society!

IAIÁ – Honoring my grandma who passed away this February. She was 100 years old!

Last year I coached Nelly Furtado's recording of Tom Jobim's Corcovado for a 2013 Valentine's CD by Andrea Boccelli produced by David Foster. Here's a  quick interview about his new project and life:

GANDHI (1982)

RUSSIANS IN BRASIL (The Langsdorff Expedition )

TRIBO GANDHISTA (video/Song by Brendle+Moraes performed by Sambaguru)

"Words alone do not do justice to Renaissance woman Katia Moraes."
- Quote by Lucia Leon for The Beverly Hills Outlook
February 2013

 EP Release Show @ Brasil Brasil Cultural Center / From left: Marcel Camargo, K, Andre de Sant'Anna, Bill Brendle and Leo Costa. 
Photo by Joe Perez.

"An incredibly strong artist...a great vocal instrument, with great intonation, communication and strength. And so totally involved with the music. "
- Quote from L.A. Jazz Scene's Scene Review by Cathy Segal-Garcia / January 2013

"As for the performers, Katia Moraes as Stefanie is simply wonderful."
- Quote from Caroline Waters' musical "Finding Venus' Review by A Jl Lewellyn / February 2013. Here's my talent friend singing with her dad in Norway in 1974. Cute!

Continuing my Brazilian Heart Music Series, this time Marcia Argolo and your truly will be producing "Clara Nunes, a Celebration" @ Brasil Brasil Cultural Center featuring Beto Gonzalez's Samba Society. Stay tuned!

A short movie "The Happy Man" by Matt Morris

Peace and Joy,
Katia : )

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