Thursday, June 27, 2013

B r a z i l i a n   H e a r t
June & July 2013
Since 1998
Brazilian Heart
June/July 2013
Since 1998

Yes, I’m back to say I’m in the middle of a transformation. I do not know exactly how to explain, I just have this jittery feeling that makes me uncomfortable and excited about what’s coming next. In and out.  I have an orange cotton scarf on my shoulders as I type these words that makes me think about the red swimming suit I used to wear when I was a child. Red was “my” color, my identity. The first sweat shirt I bought with my own money selling books from door to door for “Círculo do LIvro” was red. The first pair of shoes and the first bag I bought with the salary of my first job in downtown Rio were red. My first chakra (the root) was definitely active and running.

It took me a long time to accept, but now I can say that Sambaguru band is over. My old time friends and musicians all took different paths and went on with their personal and musical life. Before the slowly “departing” process became a steady reality, I started a project with engineer/composer Lynne Earls that became an EP (short CD) released in January of this year. I love the songs my Irish friend and I did together, and they are definitely part of my artistic multi-facet-persona picturing a special time in my life. Then, out of nowhere, (or fruit of my kundalini practice) Painting showed up. There I was, intrigued again by the beauty of what was coming out of me.  The colors, movement and symbols keep facing me straight in the eye. “Look and See Me,” they say. This coming August will be a year since this phenomenon started, and I want to show you what has been pouring into my new life.  In the middle of June I sat on the floor of my backyard and threw emotions on a 44X56 inches piece of paper. Oh my Gosh! What’s going on with me? I feel like Music is standing still, chanting crossed legged on the mat waiting for my body to dialogue and reverberate on the old way. I say: “My dear friend, can we talk about a different subject and hike for a while during sunrise?” I know, it sounds poetic, right? What about real life? The bread to pay the bills, the protests in Brasil, the privacy matters of the American people, the Syrian rebels, Nelson Mandela’s incredible life, Occupy Gezi in Istambul, and my desire to speak French one day? I smile after some mental agitation and say: “It will come to you, accept your moment, be grateful, be giving, be joyful.”

P.S.: A handful of beautiful songs composed with Jack Majdecki, and in collaboration with Sanjay Divecha and Jovino Santos Neto) are surrounding me with their warm embrace waiting to be fully expressed on a next CD! 
Bring it in, Universe!


Friday, June 28 at 7pm
@ MGrill (Great Brazilian food!)
Duet with guitarist João Pedro Mourão
(213) 398-2770
I’ll be celebrating the lives of peaceful Brazilian souls that are exercising their democratic rights lately, and my birthday month!

Friday, July 12 from 7pm to 9pm 
with Samba Society 
@ The Original Farmers Market of Hollywood
Free   6333 W. Third St., Los Angeles 

Saturday, July 27 @ Ford Theater
Celebrating Viver Brasil Dance Company’s 15th Anniversary!


Nelson Mandela! Great piece of history about him:
Fun Annimation: 2 octopus in Greece!
Wonderful moving sculpture (It looks like my pumping heart!)
Babulina's Trip by Brazilian band Graveola (thank you, Betto Arcos)


Show by Brazilian singer/composer Ana Carolina (Marcos Ariel opening)
June 30 @ Montalban Theatre
Show by Brazilian singer/composer Maria Gadú
July  @ Montalban Theatre
Show by Brazilian singer/composer Jorge Aragão (Love him!)
September 1st 

Conversations about music @ Brazilian Consulate 
Organized by Sergio Mielniczenko from Brazilian Hour/Global Village-KPFK
Wednesdays in July 
For invitation email

Support the Arts! Bring me Home!

Peace and Joy!
Kátia : )

         b r a z i l i a n         h e a r t 

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Mystykal said...

There are no words for what I feel after reading your souls' cry... I have been in love with your music and your life from day one! I adore you! You never know how or when you will change a life with your song - your voice. You are so talented and so damn lucky! Like a drop of water filling the ocean with love! Never stop believing in those dreams of yours. I can't wait to see your next move... Dance your blues away!