Thursday, November 1, 2012

Brazilian Heart 
November 2012
Since 1998

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night urging to write something down? Is it an artist habit? Here's one of my notes after drawing and coloring...

"Ah, nothing changes but the forever moving.
While expressions continue and colors explode on paper
The heart unconsciously smile at actions and seconds.
All is perfect:
The movement and devotion contained in them,
The inner sun and the lack of competition in Nature."

Few years back, my yoga teacher told me to embrace and trust. When I started drawing this last August, I decided to do just that; I let the pen move to create what wanted to be created. Then, I received a lovely quote by Don Heckman from the International Review of Music:
"Katia has done something remarkable with her drawings. She's found a way to visually transform the rich, dynamic emotions of her dancing and singing into the equally high spirited colors and imagery of her drawings. The results are irresistible." 

Design by Silvia Barandier from Brazil Today Newspaper based in San Francisco. Obrigada : )

Tuesday, November 6th at 7:30pm (YES! ELECTION DAY!)
@ The Charleston
2460 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90403
Featuring Roberto Montero on guitar, Zé Bruno Eisemberg on drums and Antonio Sant'Anna on bass.

With bassist Antonio Sant'Anna few years back.
Happy belated birthday, Santa!

Ary was born in Ubá, Minas Gerais on November 7, 1903. Coincidently, he passed away on Carmem Miranda's birthday, who was his personal friend and recorded many of his songs.
Here's his first success "Vamos Deixar de Intimidade" (1929) with Mário Reis and Pan American Orchestra. 

Spanish singer/actress Sara Montiel singing Ary Barroso's "A Baixa do Sapateiro" in the 1964 documentary "Samba" by Rafael Gil. Cool scenes of city of Salvador, Bahia. 

"Rio de Janeiro" from the movie "Brazil"that was nominated for Best Song in 1943.

Last but not least, his big success in the US and all around the world, "Aquarela do Brasil." Here's a scene from the Walt Disney animation.


With singers Gretchen Parlato and Jessica Jeza Vautor, and guitarist/composer/arranger Marcel Camargo during Marcel's project "Brazil as You Never Heard" at The Virgil in Los Angeles.

THE BRAZILIAN HOUR - Music+Video+Podcast+Streaming
This radio programa was created in 1978 by the Cultural Sector of the Brazilian Consulate in Los Angeles and is written and produced by Sergio Mielniczenko. Check it out!

"When I was born
A crazy, very crazy angel
Come to read my palm
It wasn't a Baroque angel
It was a crazy, crooked angel
With wings like a plane
And behold, this angel told me
Pressing my hand
With a clenched smile"
Go on, pal, sing off key
In the happy people's choir."

By Torquato Neto - poet/lyricist and one of the founders of the Tropicalism Movement in Brasil.

Peace, Joy and VOTE!
Katia : )

Phelps visiting the Brazilian younger swimmers at Complexo do Alemão (group of favelas outside of Rio de Janeiro)

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