Monday, October 5, 2009


TRIBO, my new recording with Sambaguru, is on the Nominating ballot for the GRAMMY(Best Contemporary World Music Album Category!)

I’m grateful. More Magazine online published another story I wrote. This time is non-fiction one about my first trip to the United States (to be continued, of course.)

The picture above was taken at Chico World Music Festival. Here’s the quote Dan Dwayne, director of CUS Chico wrote about the performance.: “Katia wowed the Chico World Music Festival with her incredible voice, limitless energy, and an honest commitment to sharing the poweR of samba with the audience. Multiple standing ovations and smiles galore were followed by a rush to the CD table for her music.”

Rio de Janeiro will host the Olympics 2016!! Check it out the Master Plan for it! (In 2014 the World Soccer Cup will be in Brasil)

Saturday, October 17
Fundraising for Eyes of a Child USA
“Eyes of a Child” is dedicated to providing emergency and long- term aid to children in desperate need throughout the world, including the United States, by building charitable capital and making philanthropic grants to individuals, families and worthy humanitarian organizations.

Latina on the Loose with Mina Olivera at LATC (downtown LA)

The song “Roda Viva” was composed in 1967 by Chico Buarque for his first attempt as a playwright. The play is about a singer called Benedito Silva who changes his name to Ben Silver to please his audience. According to the newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo, the members of the group Command of Communist Hunting were responsible for the invasion of the Ruth Escobar Theatre in São Paulo on July 18, 1968, where they beat the cast members of Chico Buarque's play Roda Viva. Buarque was forced to flee the country at that time. He went to live in Italy for 18 months.

October 9 @ Ford Amphitheater
KPFK 90.7FM Fundraising

October 24 @ Royce Hall (UCLA)
Gal Costa & Oscar Catro-Neves

A Little bit of the Brazilian scene in LA in 1994.

Brazilian poet, lyricist, diplomat Vinicius de Moraes wrote a poem to Manuel Bandeira (my childhood favorite):
“Lucid, tall and ascetic brother
Of a sad and clear heart
What dream you dream alone
Poet, father, harsh brother?”

And Manuel answered Vinicius with a poem in 1948:
“What dream? I don’t quite know.
Maybe to be at easy with myself, happy
Happy like I never was!
Pulling from the roots
This endless and futile craving
To possess what possesses me.”

Peace. Always.
Katia : )

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