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July 2011
Since 1998
This last June I decided to celebrate my birthday spending a week in Española (New Mexico) practicing Kundalini yoga and meditation. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget. One morning at around 2:45am when I was walking and singing with my teacher and other yogi friends, I couldn’t hold my tears and cried like a baby. Some white turbans reminded me of my mom’s white veil she used during mass. I looked at the starry night and found out I was fighting against the idea she was faithful to the end. They say we peel old emotional blocks like an onion, in layers. Many times I thought I had spotted an old pattern of mine and believed I wouldn’t repeat it again. But then, an early morning breeze touches your face, the reverberation of a song in your throat rushes into your heart, and you are moved to a sphere where you face your fear one more time. I found out I’m very similar to my mom. I have faith. And I carry it in my eyes, in my passion for singing, for nature, for life.
By the way, a group of 40 Brazilians from Minas Gerais, São Paulo, Brasília and Espírito Santo camped in the same valley I was.

Saturday, July 16 at 5pm @ LACMA with Sambaguru
Below a pic taken few years ago at Lacma with Pure Samba (Mitchell Long, Leo Costa and Antonio Sant'Anna)

Tuesday, July 19 at 6:30pm @ The Beach House with Pure Samba

Sunday, July 31 at 2pm @ Central Avenue Jazz Festival with Sambaguru

I played with many Mimosa Pudica (Dormideira) when I was a kid. Sweet memories.
“There are over 300 species of Mimosa that belong to the bean (pea) family Leguminosae. This species, Mimosa Pudica, is native to Brazil but is naturalized throughout the tropics of the Americas, Africa, and Asia. It runs wild as a weed in the Gulf States.”

I visited this place when I was about 9 years old and never forgot. It’s mesmerizing!

July 8th @ Roxy Theater Brazilian Summer Festival with Diogo Nogueira
July 11th @ Kuumbwa Jazz (Santa Cruz, CA) Percussionist Airto Moreira’s 70 years Birthday Celebration with Eyedentity!
Below photo taken at La Ve Lee with Airto Moreira and Sambaguru

“Broder” on July 6th at 7:30pm@ James Bridges Theatre at UCLA

If you are in Los Angeles, visit BBCC's new location! My friends Amem and Nayla did a great job! There you can learn capoeira, samba, portuguese, drumming, yoga, etc.

“Aqui é o meu país
Nos sonhos sem cabimento
Aqui sou um passarim
Que as penas estão por dentro
Por isso aprendi a cantar,
Voar, voar, voar”

Here is my country
In senseless dreams,
Here I am a bird
with feathers inside,
that’s why I learned to sing
to fly, to fly, to fly

Quote of Ivan Lins song “Meu País” (My Country)

Peace, Love and joy,
Katia : )

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