Wednesday, March 2, 2011

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March 2011

There’s nothing like swimming in the Atlantic Ocean waters! Ah…so warm…It feels like being in a womb. Yes, I miss my mom. ; ) She used to make my clothe, and definitely made my first Carnaval outfit. I learned some sewing tricks and decided to make my own costume when I was 18. It was a toga dress for a College party. My friends and I decided that Ancient Rome would be the theme of that night. The mini dress was made of a pale green cotton fabric with gold trims. So much fun! This Carnaval I'll be a bird!
From today on, Brasil will be on vacations for at least a week. It’s Carnaval again, folks! Join me! I’ll be singing at the biggest Brazilian Carnaval in So Cal @ Club Nokia starting at 9pm. For more info:

Fri, March 4 @ Tropico de Nopal singing with Samba Society.
Sat, March 5 at 9pm @ Club Nokia
Sunday, March 6 from 4pm to 6pm @ Farmers Market Music Series with Sambaguru.
Tue, March 8 at 9pm @ Zanzibar (Fat Tuesday Party) with Viver Brasil Dance Company.
Sat, March 12 @ National Hispanic CC Theatre/Albuquerque, New Mexico
Sun, March 13 @ Lensic Performing Arts Center/Santa Fe, New Mexico
East Coast Tour with Viver Brasil Dance Company from March 19 thru April 16.

My New Project: Kátia Moraes & Brazilian Hearts 2011:

“Não chore ainda não, que eu tenho um violão e nós vamos cantar.
Felicidade aqui pode passar e ouvir e se ela for de samba há de querer ficar”
Don’t cry just yet because I have an acoustic guitar and we’ll sing together. Happiness may pass and hear us, and if she is fond of samba she may stay.
(Quote from Olê Olá, a song by Brazilian composer Chico Buarque)
Here’s Chico singing with MPB4:

“Waste Land” directed by Lucy Walker, tells the story of acclaimed Brooklyn, NY-based artist Vik Muniz returning to his native Brazil, where he embarks upon a transformative creative journey with a group of men and women catadores (garbage pickers), using recyclables to make their portraits.

Do you want to know what’s “musically” happening in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro? Check this out. These are 48 chosen songs for the festival! Listen & vote on our favorite.

"There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in."
Leonard Cohen

“It’s not the load that breaks you down, it is the way you carry it.”
Lena Horne

Love and Smiles,
Katia : )

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